Special thanks to all of our Wünderful sponsors and donors who helped to make GIFT 2014 a twisted toon-town of anime-hem and fun!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Is your nonprofit interesting in becoming a beneficiary of the next GIFT Foundation event? CLICK HERE to apply. Applications are due on May 1, 2015. Questions? Please contact us at gift@gift-hawaii.org.

The GIFT Foundation of Hawaii’s mission is to encourage young adults to participate in philanthropic giving.

Each year the GIFT Foundation of Hawaii selects several local non-profit organizations or programs to benefit from funds raised through our annual fundraising event.


GIFT Foundation 2014 Beneficiaries

CommunityU (KUPU Hawaii)
KUPU Hawaii provides experiential education and job training opportunities to help at-risk youth succeed and become productive members of society with a heart to serve the community. The GIFT Foundation will fund KUPU’s CommunityU program which focuses on service learning through field work, completing a high school diploma equivalency program and guidance and financial support for placement into vocational training, community college enrollment, or paid on-the-job training assignments.

Kids Hurt Too Hawaii
Kids Hurt Too Hawaii is the only program in the state dedicated to helping children who have lost one or both parents through death, divorce, domestic violence, incarceration, fostering or deployment. Their Therapeutic Project Services for children and families include counseling, peer support groups, mentoring, leadership and skills training, all designed to decrease risk factors for alienation and failures and improve family relationships, build self-esteem, improve social, academic and life functioning, and provide an invaluable support system.

Honolulu Zoological Society
The Honolulu Zoological Society’s mission is to foster an appreciation of our living world by supporting and advocating environmental education, recreation, biological study and conservation activities at the Honolulu Zoo. The GIFT Foundation will fund the “Zoo to You” outreach program that brings conservation education to schools in underprivileged communities on Oahu and the installation of four additional docent stations throughout the zoo.