GIFT: “Giving Inspiration For Tomorrow”

Founded in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2003, The GIFT Foundation Hawaii is dedicated to supporting and empowering charitable groups in the Hawaii community. The GIFT Foundation (Giving Inspiration for Tomorrow) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), volunteer organization run by young professionals who are highly motivated, caring and involved in the local community.

The GIFT Foundation of Hawaii’s mission is to encourage young adults to participate in philanthropic giving. Each year, a grantee is selected to receive proceeds from an exclusive annual charity event. The event revolves around Halloween, making it an exciting costume party, unique to other fundraisers in town.
The GIFT Board consists of young professionals from varying industries, in key positions at their companies. As the next generation of leaders, this group takes an active role in coordinating the “most talked about” annual fundraiser – everything from selecting the beneficiaries, to planning the event, to fundraising, to decorating the venue, etc.

Modeled after its sister foundation in Boston, Massachusetts, The GIFT Foundation of Hawaii is committed to raising awareness of organizations that make a difference in our society. It is one of the first charitable organizations in Honolulu run by young professionals that strive to promote giving and volunteering by young adults, as well as providing an outlet where people can learn about and contribute to Honolulu’s different charitable organizations.

2016 Officers of the Board

2016 Event Chairs

2016 Board Members


Nate Smith

Vice President:

Noel Pietsch Shaw


Chad Sakumoto


Jeff Dinsmore

Robert Kurisu
Morgan Kaya
Bonny Amemiya

Christian Adams
Bonny Amemia
Jeff Arce
Trevor Benn
Jon Bryan
Kennei Chong
Jeff Dinsmore
Ryan Donn
Chad Goodfellow
Alex Fergus
Christina Hause
Larry Heim
Mark Higa
Jason Fujimoto
Kris Hui
Matt Kaneshiro
Ryan Kawamoto
Morgan Kaya
Patrick Klein
Robert Kurisu
Ian MacNaughton
Tony Mizuno
Nathan Nelson
Brad Nicolai
Michael Okamoto
Nathan Okubo
Chad Sakumoto
Matt Sasaki
Noel Shaw
Erin Shon
Nate Smith
China Stone
Sean Tadaki
Alison Tomisato
Ashley Wang
Travis Watanabe
Emily Waters
Ryan Yamamoto
Henry Yoon